F2F : Ultimate Fitness Guide

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This Digital Guide includes:

  • 21 Full Day Meal Plans – These need to be followed one each day for 3 weeks and then to be repeated until you reach your desired goal i.e. usually in 12-14 weeks!

  • 2 Maintenance Plans – These need to be followed post completion of your meal plans i.e. after 12-14 Weeks.

  • Weight Maintenance Guidelines

  • Do’s & Don’ts

The Guide will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase.

The Ultimate Fitness Guide

Burn Your Body Fat and Be in Shape!

If you are still struggling to find your personalized fat-to-fitness mantra that will
really work for you, this consolidated health guide is carefully crafted only to help you
in solving this mystery. Using this guide as your mentor, you can easily learn the
tricks of your fat-losing spree to include how to quickly burn unsolicited fat, and also
how to keep it within acceptable limits once you have efficiently and successfully
burnt it to get back to your original shape. When everything else has a price tag
associated, this guide is absolutely safe and is available for free, wherein, you don’t
even have to sacrifice the food that you always crave for, and you even don’t have to
hit the gym regularly time and again to spend your sweat for getting almost nothing
out of it. More importantly, it will save you bucks that you might like to spend on very
expensive AF dietary formulations to turn you from fat-to-fab. So, let’s move forward
without wasting much of your valuable time.

Invest Only 14 Weeks to be in the Hall of Fame!

By following this simple 14-week regime, you are sure to become at least popular
with your dream curves by losing almost 10 kilograms, even if you still fall a little
short from reaching the “Hall of Fame!” You can regain your dream body shape, and
refine your body contours most naturally, and definitely, you can embark upon going
through a very enjoyable and productive journey to reach the zenith of popularity.
The meticulously outlined meal planning here will definitely amaze you how quickly
you can burn excess fat, and still manage to keep it from returning.