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‘Gown’ is basically a free-flowing drape around a women’s body; and this attire finds its origin in around the 16th century, and may be earlier in the medieval history as it is so believed. A gown gives a royal appeal to the lady wearing it; this royal look suggests that this attire has been inspired by the European raiment, which is apparent by the use of exotic fabrics in the gown, which are teamed up with luxury accessories. The exquisiteness of a gown is truly worth admiration as it exudes the stunning beauty of an earthy feminine form. A party-wear gown is the perfect pick for a lady who wants to don an Indo-Western dress to any gathering or an evening party. The attire-hut of girls; Girls Slay showcases some of the most appealing party wear dresses for women including designers gowns, which are manufactured using high-quality fabrics and materials like velvet, cotton & silk, and adorned with decorative accessories including lovely laces, ravishing ribbons, and beautiful borders; richly improved with gorgeous pearls, lovely gems and globules, all of which is exquisitely weaved and sewed, providing classic appearances.

Go for a Gown to Paint the Town (Red)!

A mere mention of the word, 'gown' invokes the thoughts of opulence, luxury, royalty and grandness. All the elegance, etiquette, grace and poise a woman has cultivated over her youth years seem to all emerge at once to the surface when she dons this royal outfit. It doesn’t matter at all what the occasion may be; whether you are donning a pretty party wear gown for any special event or an evening gown to go out with your better half or even retiring for the day by slipping into your comfy nightgown after a hectic long day, gowns are those ultimate attires that are always very special. Gowns hold a special place when you tick mark the party wear dresses for women; helping to accentuate a female’s body in a way which only a few garments possibly can. A word of advice here is that every design of a gown won’t suit every type of a body, so you must carefully select your pick. At Girls Slay, where you have the privilege to buy online party wear gown, so use this to the very purpose of selecting the best fit by checking the pictures online.

As Is the Mood – So Is the Gown!

Your mood, time of the day, and the occasion decides you gown type! Here are some of the common types of gowns that can take a place in your wardrobe.

  • Evening Gowns: As the name suggests, these gowns are best for evening parties, like the cocktail parties, receptions and other formal events. They are richly crafted using elegant fabrics like satin, chiffon, velvet etc. The design shapes and cuts of evening gowns are usually seen to be trumpet cuts, mermaid designs, and A-line cuts.
  • Ball Gowns: These lovely gowns can be worn to a prom night or a ball, or even to some formal event. Characteristically, the ball gowns are designed to be off shoulder, with low décolletage and with long stretched bouffant styled skirts. One can accessorize a ball gown with a lavish, sheer stole along with some vintage jewellery to put an icing on the cake.
  • Night Gowns: A night gown is a loosely fitted full-length garment, exclusively for home/indoor night wear for women. Night gowns are manufactured using comfy fabric that is soft on skin as they are worn at night time while the pretty ladies sleep; the most commonly used materials are cotton, silk, and nylon with soft laces and/or very simple & delicate embroidery to give a soft appeal to the attire.
  • Tea Gowns: The mention of tea gowns dates back to the nineteenth century. A tea gown is usually made out of lightweight fabric material, and worn mostly for the informal events or at house parties.
  • Bouffant Gowns: Bouffant gowns are made in such a way that they have full skirts similar to the hoop skirts. Some bouffant gowns’ designs are such that they are supported by the petticoats below. Also, bouffant gowns usually have floor length garment or sometimes they are mid-calf length.

Gowns on Girls Slay – Your Go-to Shopping Destination!

Girls Slay bring to you an unsurpassed range of designer gowns. You can buy online party wear gown without having to ache your toes, from the comfort of your home or in fact anywhere you are sitting and shopping! We have gowns for all; we have party wear gown for girls, and we also have party wear gown for women! So, every female is bound to be happy at Girls Slay! So, make a beeline, and buy party wear gowns online only at Girls Slay to make your special occasions all the more thrilling. Scan through our delightful collection of the most adorable party wear gowns from Girls Slay and get ready to rock!

 A trendy gown is a lady’s best possession! So, why wait, buy online party wear gown!

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